Aspect 3 of 4: Relationship Self

The relationship self or outer personal self is known through an intimate sharing and interaction with a single other. To be in the now while sharing with another implies a sense of trust. In the process of trusting and sharing spontaneously a self emerges, the outer personal or the relationship self. By trusting that mirroring does indeed occur in relating experiences an awareness and understanding of this self begins to be revealed. Partnership trusting is most notable recognized by the natural state of divine materialistic indifference. In an enchanted state of euphoric sharing the tapestry of organic symbiosis opens to the couple revealing an expanded territory of experience. Sensual sharing aligns with higher octaves making available to the couple and individual an enlarged congruent panorama of spiritual richness where personal karmic history is known, as well as many other things.

In one on one relating experience this self begins to come forward. Some keys to recognizing this self are divine material indifference, trust in the justice of self mirroring, and being spontaneous while interacting. The resolution and testimonial of the clarity one holds in regards to the Inspired Self will be made evident by the quality of experience which occurs through one on one relating. Both the Temporal Self as well as the Inspired Self have notions as to what the Relationship Self is about yet these notions are not complete or accuarate until the Relationship Self comes forth in it's own light.

Originally introduced in Pathfinder Report July 2007

Astrologer * William Oulton

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