Discerning Truth

Perfection Paradigm and Separation Paradigm

The notion of a separation paradigm is meant as a referral to an understanding of humanities approach to shared living. Are we all separate human creatures here on planet Earth, poised to survive by applying Newtonian laws, laws which describe the nature of reality? Human creatures who have evolved though time, some what accidentally as per the accepted theory of evolution? Is physical reality the only true relevant source of our experience from which all of our life experiences spring? Or are we living within a paradigm of interconnection, which here is referred to as a perfection paradigm? Perfection implies that all existence is conscious as if interconnected and exists as a unified whole. The notion of a perfection paradigm is meant to imply a harmonic order of infinite intelligence and infinite compassion where there exists a non stop presence permeating all that is. That creation knows itself. Within a perfection paradigm the perspectives on local human dramas are altered to include a holographic order where everything is connected through correlating metaphoric parallels.

Choosing from a vast array of perspectives can we not affect our life direction? As our commitment becomes our life our trust is given a clearly defined foundation. Such trust begins to resonate with our expanding self awareness. When we trust our extensive creative power and influence we give our essence an invitation to be present within our local human dramas in an expanded way. Through admission and objectivity we demonstrate self love, we become more responsible on an increasingly magnified scale. Our personal journey as an expedition through consciousness sets up opportunities sometimes in the form of challenges. Challenges set up an individual to identify their source of accepted authority. An example of such a challenge is the dichotomy which exists between these two very different paradigms, a separation paradigm and a perfection paradigm. The collision of these two paradigms exist as an inner and outer dynamic. This dichotomy collides within the body affecting emotional, mental, and physical health. These two foundational paradigms can be qualified as follows:

    Pursuing A Separation Paradigm
  1. Judgement
  2. Superior Inferior Game
  3. Intimidation
  4. Decadence
  5. Seeking External Validation
  6. Addicted to Primordial Indulgence
  7. Linear Logic Accepted as Intelligence
  8. Survival of the Fittest
  9. Controlling Resources
  10. Interpreting Morose Satisfaction as Fulfillment
    Remembering A “Perfection Paradigm”
  1. Discernment
  2. Accepting The Intelligence of Symbiotic Awareness
  3. Self Love as the Only Lesson
  4. Accepting All Life’s Experiences
  5. Participating in Life through four modes of Divine Indifference
    1. Divine Emotional Indifference
    2. Divine Intellectual Indifference
    3. Divine Material Indifference
    4. Divine Inspirational Indifference
  6. Enchanted Bliss and Orgasmic Wonder as indicators of Harmonious Wealth Sharing
  7. Accepting Self When Reflected In Others
  8. Self Witnessing and Objectivity
  9. Trusting the Emotional Self
  10. Include Environmental Considerations in Decisions Involving Security

Resolution of the Separation Paradigm occurs by maintaining an objective perspective and allowing the existence of such a belief to fit in harmoniously with humanities current evolution. The notion of separation has poised human against human and such stakes have caused humanity on an individual level to dig in and fight for personal survival. Creator when separated into individual entities, humans, who are oblivious to their interconnection, would have these humans digging into physical reality deeper least they be annihilated? The game of separation is not to be judged, as judgment itself implies separation. Creator itself, as individualized, investigates physical reality in a much more dedicated fashion when the local humans believe themselves to be separate. This can be demonstrated by considering the following. If you divided your self into two different people where as each half of yourself you did not know that the two of you were one and the same, would you not pursue an agenda much more diligently from your polarized perspective? Separation can be seen as a divine setup where polarization facilitates an intense investigation into the nature of physical density. As we move from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius we can see that the game of separation is being called to wind down. As the new age, the Aquarian age, nears we can consider this from our individualized perspective and see if we end up at the same place. Happy 2012 to all, or should I say to ONE!