Moving From Event To Process

Inspired by personal significance humanity will move from the event to the process. Events are significant because of the process they remind us of. The external world as experienced through the five senses can be seen as an example world. Accepting the order of congruency within a holographic world we can choose a perspective, we can know the physical world, the external world as but a single version of a five sense experience. Since there are some 7 billion people on the planet we can see right away there are 7 billion example worlds, physical worlds. It is interesting that humanity, typically speaking, assumes that everyone lives in the same external world. There are many intricate and dynamic worlds unfolding all around us. Lets consider the world happening within us. In our inner world there is a dynamic on going pharmacopoeia of activity, hormones, enzymes, all kinds of things are moving and expediting their purpose all the time. As we consider our place in existence from a holographic perspective, when we see life as holographic metaphoric and even cartoon like, when we consider the coinciding events, we begin to see these different worlds as layers, layers paralleling each other. Moving from the event to the process we move from the dense example world, which is constantly defined by separation authorities, to the process of resonance and paralleling. Humanity is equipped to do this very well. Our dolphin friends have a human like nature, or we as a humanity have a dolphin like nature. It is our electromagnetic stretch, our emotional sensitivity, which makes us unique, makes us human. Moving from the event to the process we become more human and less machine like in our journey. What has been jamming the frequency of the human and not allowing a stretching of electromagnetic energy to reach ancient memory, to reach original intention? The congruency between our inner and outer experience is bridged by our feelings as it is our feelings which are registering etheric broadcast as they hit our body. Our emotional reactions are one thing, how these reactions are rationalized is another. By examining our interpretation we discover the beliefs which influence automatic thinking and interpreting. By trusting and valuing the purity and clarity of our feelings we disband automatic thought and prevail our will to increased choices. We become a holographic bridge between Heaven and Earth. By valuing an event for what it causes us to feel, to where in the matrix of our own mental interpreting it can lead us, we discover external authorities which have been allowed to define our paradigm. This is done by moving from the event to the process.

Astrologer * William Oulton

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