Healing music CD by William Oulton. On this page you will find audio samples, testimonials and purchasing information.
music for guided visualization by William Oulton
CD audio tracks
1.  Presence (4:22)
2. Shining Star (17:17)
3. Magnificent Journey (5:41)
4. Starbird (13:07)
5. Honor (3:35)
6. Flying Over Water (14:03)

Listen to William's music here.


"William's music is great for soothing frazzled nerves-- most music has the opposite effect on me.  He has a rare gift!" - K. Johnson, Pennsylvania

"I have many clients that, while enjoying the hands-on-healing/energy work I provide, listen and joyfully relax to William's heavenly album.  There are times when clients will request this work of musical mastery so that they may experience a greater feeling of tranquillity during their treatment. I would recommend William's CD to anyone looking for a listening journey into the mind, body and spirit and look forward to his next album." - M McBride, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Ontario

"In dealing with the cognitive problems of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MAGNIFICENT JOURNEY helps me stay calm, centered, and focused on the tasks at hand." - S. Crandall, Alberta

"William Oulton's "The Magnificent Journey" is enjoyable to listen to and provides an excellent ambience for yoga, meditation, or simply relaxing." - L. Pingel, Georgia

 "Magnificent Journey a subtle yet magical instrumental accompaniment  for yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation." -M Daigle, Kripalu yoga instructor and therapist, Ontario

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