Soulstar Astrology

By paralleling astro alignments with actual experiences we avail ourselves to an expanded awareness. Within the belief "we create our own reality" is the underlining premise of Soulstar Astrology, the perfection premise. All is perfection. Perfection here is not to be confused with an ideal relative to a paradigm. Perfection refers to an ever lasting balance and wholeness which facilitates existence and as such always is. As an individual becomes fundamental in accepting their own personal creative expression by accepting that they do indeed affect many events, the unfolding dramas and the experiences these dramas yield are valued from an enlarged perspective.

Seeking expanded self awareness is an adventure, an expedition through consciousness. The vastness of creation has many nooks and crannies available for the inspired adventurous individual to explore. The prospect that each experience is both attracted to and reflecting our own collective and personal self signals opportunity. Emotions are a key element in Soulstar Astrology. Our emotions connect us to our collective or expanded self, our Soul. Emotions also keep us connected to our localized ego experiences. Our human feelings correlate with the hormonal dynamics of our bio-vehicle which are paralleling thoughts. Knowing self as Spirit having a human experience allows one to be in two places at the same time. We are in the drama while observing the drama, cheering on our local human self. Emotions can be likened to the dialogue between these two stances. All of these dynamic interchanges are paralleled or described via astrological alignments. Soulstar Astrology expands and enriches self awareness by reminding us of what we in fact already know. Self trust and personal sovereignty are by-products of such expanded self awareness.

Astrologer * William Oulton

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