Sharing Wealth

As self awareness personally and socially rises the truth of being in the game while being in the stands objectively observing the game formulates, marking an awakening. You exist in two worlds simultaneously. The game of being human, which includes participating in community and social drama, is allowed by Creator, all is allowed. Since each creates their own reality, whether one accepts this or not, allows the game to proceed in such away that there are no victims. Knowing you are Spirit having a human experience you are privy to divine indifference, a foundation of peace acknowledged as Creator's allowing and infinite wisdom. In pagan terms the bio vehicle contains incredible intelligence, this intelligence is demonstrated constantly through Gaia's dynamic of harmony. Her creatures, plants and animals ext., participate in a global organic orgasm. The bio human creature, through sensuality, feels sensual bliss as an inclusion within our sweet mother, Gaia. As the celestial human spirit awakens to its truth and acknowledges Gaia's love the person gives home to the magnificence of Creator itself, we literally team up with Spirit.

To say you value something is to say to some degree you treasure it. To treasure something is to have a feeling about it which elicits excitement. This satisfaction of value resonates with the anticipation of connecting with others where value is qualified by how we share what we value with others. Value can be qualified by the satisfaction you feel when you are either giving or receiving. Values as such are the externalization of connections individuals have, one to another. You may value something because it has the potential to connect you with another, and as such it is the anticipated connection which defines the real value. Your body can be seen as your most valued and treasured physical possession. When you value your bio vehicle and share yourself with another you open up sacred space allowing your own treasure chest to open. Together your expression of celestial and sensual love creates a conduit for divine energy. Much evolution occurs within the physical vehicle creating potential recovery of ancient codes stored within the blood and bone, the DNA. The evolving DNA allows one to carry more light. This access to ancient celestial memory parallels a rebirth of the original divine intention defining humanities place within the organic orgasm, Gaia. You can see the value of nature because it sustains you, feeds you, Nature, Mother Earth, shares herself with you, how's that for unconditional love?

The value of the fixed enduring quality of Gaia feeds you allowing life. You value that which is perceived by you as sustaining temporal life. This sets up a core foundation of understanding as to how external things are discerned, thus delineating their value on a personal level. The value of the deeply layered tapestry of interconnecting oneness of consciousness creates and sustains relationships. When someone values something and holds onto it because they know others will be attracted to it and not because they require it for their own natural survival, they give energy to the hoarding of values. Current man experiences this hoarding as power through false wealth. Revolutionizing wealth may give hope to a hoarding mentality, yet the inertia of hoarding power is currently experiencing colliding intentions manifesting as conflicts and raging actions as efforts to maintain power status of the few over the many. As humanity continues to awaken to the truth of their creative power and begins to realize they create their own reality many power structures will begin to implode, which is exactly what is occurring now. When colored paper with peoples faces on it is valued more than the innate creative power of Creator within an individual a dangerous situation builds. On the other hand as strength is given to the receptive quality of the goddess, energy moves. Natural states of impulse exist, epitomized by acts of courage and boldness. To be able to give selflessly, to give without any expectation from the recipient for reward, to be able to give anonymously, is the indication of the courageous who's impulse is direct, lacking flaw or folly. Being in the now, following your every impulse, you extend your gifts freely and naturally to the receptive participant within a grand and loving relationship. Here many pool and share values creating a rich well who's innate symbioses carries both earthly and celestial intention.

Originally published in Awakening magazine November 2006

Astrologer * William Oulton

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