Aspect 2 of 4: Inspired Self

The inspired self or enthusiastic self springs from the inner personal. It is our personal self which seeks creative expression and is very much affiliated with playfulness. The inner personal self is human individuality which rides upon authenticity. It is human expression which shines like a great light with the backing of much transformational energy. Through personalized enthusiasm this self brings inspiration into the world as a testimonial of this creative spark. The pure expression of this creative spark implies self love and self acceptance. We see this self as the eternal child self who embraces life through merging and frolicking with existence. This creative spark is so powerful in it's creative fire element it burns it's intention into reality where others can and do experience it.

In order to experience this self the individual responds to nurturing and support of their emotional self as it is this support which facilitates the birth of the inspired self. In it's awareness this self is called to acknowledge it's physical existence, it's temporal self, as it is the physical domain in which the eternal child finds it's play ground. Absence of respect for the Gaia domain will result in health issues. The inner personal inspired self can also be destructive as when an individual's creative power is influenced by separation ideals. All is connected and all is allowed, it is the awareness and acceptance of these two truths which creates a healthy human experience.

The inspired self receives information or data from the temporal self in the form of feelings coming from the innate intelligence within the temporal self. The aware human elevates these feeling impulses to emotional information in the form of inspiration. Awareness of this process allows the inspired self to maintain congruent expression within the realm of it's experience. The evolved self understands this self as being divine in it's intellectual indifference. The unconditional acceptance of intellectual indifference epitomizes a healthy respect for Creator's brilliance.

Originally introduced in Pathfinder Report July 2007

Astrologer * William Oulton

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