Multi-Dimensional Blueprint

You are more than just human. As electro magnetic patterns of the linear minded human are shed and busted an alignment to multi-dimensional self knowing is in the wings. Nobody tells you who you are as this would be a direct contradiction of your intention to achieve complete sovereignty during your current human life time. The uniqueness of your holographical self supersedes the uniqueness of human self knowing by an extended margin. By adding conformation to your expanding self awareness you are able to identify your home station as a holographical being having a human experience. The awakening of your multi-dimensional self is a remembering process. A familiarity of self occurs as you are able to locate your divine frequency id outside typically accepted human concepts. For your current human sojourn an exact match is set up between your divine purpose and divine intention and your current bloodline resonance. Soulstar Astrology readings are intended to assist an individual in locking into the frequency resonance of their multi-dimensional memory.

There are many very special astrological alignments which signal the awakening of multi-dimensional memory. Many are incarnated now as this is a grand experience and party for those who are adventurous light beings. Neptune and Uranus are currently mutually recepted, in each others sign, and Pluto is beginning a lengthy hike through Capricorn. Freedom from electro-magnetic patterns occurs as many layers of self identity are released from the folly of misunderstanding as to the true potential of what being human is. Every concept and self definition which has been learned through current human social conditioning is to be revamped and realigned to an evolving self identity. You have a home station. As a human you have a home station. If one were to leave a busy shopping complex they would identify their car in the parking lot and drive to their home. You would not just take the first car you come across or fancy and drive to any house or home at your immediate choosing. You take your car and drive to your home. As limiting patterns of self identity are released and a grander picture of potential and possibility is formulated your human vehicle is to be recognized from an expanded perspective. No two divine humans are the same and yet we are are one within the grandness of Creator's presence.

Astrologer * William Oulton

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