Evolving Social Interaction

As a humanity we are about to experience a grand transformation of social structure. This can be seen astrologically as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Although Pluto went into Capricorn for a few months in 2008 it retrograded back into Sagittarius. Beginning in January of 2009 Pluto will move into Capricorn and remain there for several years. The exact dates for Pluto's extended transit through Capricorn are December 24th 2008 to March 23rd 2023. Capricorn energy will experience a shake up, a Pluto style purification. This will affect father energy which has aligned itself to separation paradigms and the structures which spring from any such affiliation. (See the left side menu bar for a qualification of separation paradigm.) Specifically old school father energy will be expected to evolve it's ideals and accept an expanding world of spiritual understandings. As an individual and as a society we will be expected to deal with any related dynamics if and when they happen to merge with our own personal experience. We know ultimately any related dynamics will assist us as we continue to awaken and remember our own connection with Creation.

To assert yourself and to honor your inspired impulse you may at times become aware of old school father energy and the effect it has on current situations. Residue from the past lingers on in our social paradigms and yet there is a flood of new blood stating a truth which will be looked at. Face to face confrontation need not be the method by which we are called to be responsible. There are several reasons why people believe what they believe. Specifically we want to look at past schooling, past teaching, which was founded in ideals based upon a separation paradigm. We can be sure that Pluto's transit will take a huge nip at these paradigms. When we are able to look at and own our own residue of such beliefs and their correlating influences then we will be much more at ease when we see these same notions influencing the behavior of others.

All want to feel loved, yes? Can we be in honor of others simply because they exist along side us in a shared world? Is their presence reason enough to accept them unconditionally? In our personal commitment to evolve we will respect the dramas which others create for themselves because we are aware that those experiences create an opportunity for them to feel something. Must we play apart in their drama? If we find ourselve participating in a drama which is not to our immediate liking we will be called to remember the teacher which our higher self is, we will be immediate in knowing that this is a set-up. Once we get the lesson we no longer need to recycle the drama. We know that pain is the result of acting on denial, it is the epitome of loss of one's self. When we see the true value of why a certain experience has been placed upon our path, why it is perfect in it's design, we can begin to move forward in our awakening. In the meantime we can always communicate eherically with others. We have the power to send others solutions etherically. Send them acceptance, send them solutions, tell them with an open heart that they belong here in this world right along side ourself.

Originally published in New Moon Report December 2005

Astrologer * William Oulton

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