Every thought counts. Of course this is so as it is supported by the belief "you create your own reality". Knowing that we are living our integrity we are reminded of the justice of self mirroring. We know the value of our experiences because of what it causes us to feel. The emotional congruency, when followed and trusted, shows us via expanding our perception upon our own thought processes, a thought congruency which the logical mind on it's own is not capable of knowing. Authenticity, as self accepting all of what one experiences, allows an exploration of a whole and unified self. Just like a person who has trouble hearing will not seek a career in audio engineering, or a person who is visually impaired will not work in the visual arts (of course there are always exceptions) an individual who is not being authentic does not give themselves anything to mirror. Or what is mirrored is the same lack of authenticity. When we act as if someone or something has power over us we loss or are in lack of authenticity. Fear, anger, blame, intimidation, there are many examples of behavior which indicate one is acting as if someone or something has power over them. Once the value of authenticity is understood for it's ability to expedite and expand self awareness it is cherished and followed. The mirroring quality of relationship experiences makes authenticity valuable. Adventure through constant admission is the mark of one who accepts their creativity and becomes naturally authentic.

Astrologer * William Oulton

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