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12 Thursday August 17th - Moon enters Cancer 3:26 PM
An intense increase in Leo energy has been occurring during this Moon cycle. Many may feel their self confidence growing, their ability to think highly of themselves, hopefully in a good way, becoming more natural and real. With this period, the Moon's Cancer ingress, challenging moments can occur. The new found self acceptance in order to be complete, in order to seal the deal, a resolution of one's feelings must occur. In other words whatever it was in the past which was blocking one's increased self confidence must now be owned, completely owned, as it was and has been one's own creation from the get go. As emotional sensitivity increases, typical when the Moon transits Cancer, opportunities to connect with and observe one's vulnerability also increases. However it must be a conscious choice, to look at how one feels and to associate this feeling with past events. The search is one, where have I left my authority? Self confidence is self responsibility. Breaking free from the need for validation from others in order to feel special can be a painful ripping away, yet it is eased tremendously when the individual can clearly see that this validation was superficial and not as real as assumed. Just because everybody is jumping over a cliff does not make it right. One is brave as this is confidence, one is assured as this is clarity, one is functional as this is accepting, and as such one demonstrates their self love, their self appreciation, their self confidence.

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