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02 Wednesday September 20th - Moon enters Libra 6:07 AM
Looking for support from a partner can feel necessary if one is to get the push to actually take action. The Sun will ingress Libra on Friday at 4:04 PM EST increasing the value of partnership in terms of expediting a plan or raising one's personal action energy. For now the Moon's Libra ingress will emotionally suggest the value of partnership. This can feel like a partnership needs to be corrected, or respected, or established, the idea being that one feels partnership is the vehicle by which things happen. This ingress can also flesh out one's need to be independent. Always counting on partnership may not be the best strategy if it has become an ongoing pattern. Ironically harmonious partnerships facilitate independence, look to see how one mirrors their partner and vise versa. Analyzing partnership for some will be a major theme for this entire Moon cycle. A critical look at the logistics and the forecasted expectations of a partner can consume one's critical thinking. The details of most everything will be examined and acted upon and this will include the ideas and values believed to be associated with partnerships. With Juno transiting Capricorn some will desire acknowledgement associated with their ability to stay on track with their finely tuned plan. The Moon's north node transiting Leo indicates a desire for some to be recognized socially for their wonderful admirable character. Jupiter's year long journey through Libra will soon end, October 10th, and so the great optimism many have felt about their partnerships over the last year will being to yield to an evolved clarity as Virgo criticalness objectively takes the lead.

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