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01 Sunday July 23rd 5:47 AM EST - new Moon in Leo
This Leo new Moon indicates a strong aggressive self empowered energy. Many will be affected. Their sense of self will be empowered and many will go after what they feel they deserve or what they require. For many the energy and actions will be aggressive. These acts of self deserved acquiring may simple be the best effort the individual can reason into action. There is indeed an opportunity to flesh out and remove long held limitations for the individual where their unique expression was squelched because of some social expectation. And so this may assist one in understanding the impetus for apparent selfish acts by some. Of course it does not have to be aggressive and selfish, no not at all. Many will for example shine and give great assistance and support to others. Their self interest based in humility where their sharing of love affects their decisions. Either way there is a strong force stirring one's impulsive nature. The individual's beliefs regarding their significance is tied directly into the actions they take. The main area of concern is social significance. Those who feel they have qualities which have not been socially acknowledged can react to some social situation which appears to limit them. Others who are appreciated and influential, or perhaps are seen as leaders, can be effective as they epitomize self responsibility and self respect. This can for example be a valuable Moon cycle to flesh out one's need to serve social validation and as such to free ones self from a trap which has been creating heartache for many many years. Ideally this will lead the individual to accept all they have created and to correct what is necessary within their belief structure if such is needed.

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