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How current, accurate, and complete is the posted information?
Is the information presented in an objective manner?
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What premise does Soulstar Astrology follow?
What is the founding inspiration and modivation behind Soulstar Astrology?
Who authored it? All of the Soulstar Astrology documents, including New Moon Reports, are authored by William Oulton. William is a professional musician with both full-time and part-time experience. He has worked as a electronic design engineer for telecom companies and design firms such as Alcatel Canada Wire and Cable, Unitel Telecommunications, and AEG Bayly Incorporated. William owns and operates his own audio recording business specializing in spoken word audio productions and guided meditation projects. He is the creator of the audio cd Magnificent Journey which is also featured on this web site. His current study is researching astrological parallels which correlate with social personal interaction. William has been sharing his work with the public through writings posted on this web site, through lecture presentations, and through personal astrological readings.
Who published it? William self publishes his work. His lectures and classes are and have been hosted by various local community groups, local business, and local shows, in the Durham region of Ontario and Toronto Ontario. This web site serves as a document sharing vehicle where he shares a portion of his work freely. His music cd Magnificent Journey is also self published. William is the web site designer for this site.
How current, accurate, and complete is the posted information? The Soulstar Astrology New Moon Report is net published just prior to each new moon. Past reports are also available through this site. Due to evolving format changes past reports are only available in particular formats. The accuracy must be considered from the point of view of the author. This point of view is stated in the following document - Premise for Soulstar Astrology - presented below. The posted documents are a generalization of the current astrological alignments. Each posting is intended to represent a complete report from the author's perspective. Analysis and interpretations using personal birth dates offer a much higher degree of specific detail. It must be noted that the nature of this work pertains to personal conformation and expansion of objective perspective and as such completeness cannot be defined in typical terms.
Is the information presented in an objective manner? Astrological alignments are objective by the vary nature of their mechanics. To publish a sense able meaningful or useful report degrees of subjectivity must be allowed. As such the content of the writing can be see as an example of how the correlating parallels between the objectivity of astro physical alignments subjectively manifest as dynamic dramas which involve social interaction. Is is the intention of the author to state subjectivity when it appears as astrological interpretation and thus maintain the integrity of pure objectivity to the best degree possible.
How often is the site updated? The Soulstar Astrology New Moon Report is published prior to each new moon. This occurs approximately once a month or more accurately once every 29 days. Other updates can occur in between these dates. Other updates are typically design refreshes which affect the presentation and navigation of the web site. Updates can also include astrological writings other than the typical new moon report.
Is the document well written? Since it is important to reader and author that information be intelligible your comments are welcomed. Errors in grammar and spelling can occur. Typically the Soulstar Astrology New Moon Report is published/uploaded with no proof read except by the author. This is in part due to non web site related responsibilities and also due to deadlines which are determined by the timing of the new moon moment leaving no available opportunity for deadline extension.
What premise does Soulstar Astrology follow? Soulstar Astrology is based on a perfection premise. This accepted premise suggests that we are perfect have been perfect and always will be perfect. The premise thus implies that everything is connected and separation is not real, that we live in a correlating universe. Perfection here is not to be interpreted as an ideal relative to a paradigm. Soulstar Astrology accepts a correlating logic as opposed to the commonly accepted linear cause and effect logic. Note that linear cause and effect logic has provided a foundation for many social paradigms and beliefs. Correlating logic yields a holographic perspective where the planetary energies described in astrology do not cause anything to happen, they instead run parallel with our human experience. Human experience as in family and social dynamics is known through an increasing vastness, we are privy to a grander panoramic view. On a personal or individual level accepting creation as perfection shifts attention away from a journey of learning and sets the individual on a journey of remembering. Through the objective viewing of correlating astrological parallels we are reminded of what we already know. The Soulstar Astrology approach to astrological interpretation acts as a powerful personal confirmation. The nature of reality as witnessed through deja' vu or the apparent magic behind coincidence testifies to the holographic nature of reality. The symbolic language of astrology penetrates membranes and boundaries of local, paradigm encapsulated, worlds and allows contact with higher vibrational states of self. Accepting the emotional intelligence and awareness associated with our heart center, our will, we begin to feel and know connections which epitomize a vast congruency. Accepting this premise Soulstar Astrology becomes a tool assisting and guiding personal awakening and remembering. We are remembering our connection with the perfection of creation.
What is the founding inspiration and modivation behind Soulstar Astrology? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The quality of our relationships, health, family life and business activities are directly related to the consistency at which this truth is held at a conscious level. Personal attributes and qualities such as authenticity, humility, integrity, letting-go, are by-products of remembering who we are. Seeing our emotional reactions as telephone calls from our spiritual self urging us to remember our pure untarnished connection with creation will lead the individual to unprecedented personal uniqueness and authenticity. Spiritual nonchalance and self appreciation are powerful signals of commitment awakening and opening our heart to life's never ending spiritual wonder.